Winter Sights on the Homestead 2015

As always, Winter brings both difficulty and opportunity for folks that chose to live a life that is centered on the changing seasons.  Often these are small difficulties but ones that require immediate attention none the less.  How quickly life can spiral out of control when small things are not mended right away.  For country folk, procrastination can be disaster waiting to pounce on the unprepared.

Here are a few pictures of our first big snow storm of the season:

We have a lot of hawks in our area and so having the bird netting crushed by the weight of the snow was an immediate concern.  Fortunately, most of our Black Australorpes and Barred Rocks do not like the deep snow so they stay inside the coop for most of the day.

This guy here is the son of our first Rooster.  While his father was quite the barbarian and certainly became the terror of the barnyard, his son is rather quiet and much less aggressive.  It was a nice change after years of doing battle.  We call him Ned Stark.


The only problem that we have with Ned is that the hens love to peck his at his legs.  Even though we have provided more protein in their meals, added a flock block, decreased their number and increased their space, we can’t seem to get them to leave him alone.  Our only recourse was to spay Blue-Kote on his legs and harvest the hens that refused to cooperate.



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