Release the Hens!

Growth and Fertility blessed the homestead during the Spring of 2016.

Chickens were safely allowed to spread their wings once more outside of the confine of the runs and our paddock system was put into full use.  Ducks were finally able to break through the ice of the pond and ushered in the usual season of mud as they dug their holes and splashed water.  Rabbits were bred and born and the general sense of blessing could be seen in every green leaf and blade of grass.

Most of our work right now is focused on continuing to clean up the paddocks, repairing fencing and cleaning out animal barns and coops.  The weather continued to be fairly cold well into the first week of March so it was slow going preparing the garden beds for planting.

img_0001 img_0002 img_0003














We did manage to plant the following greens on one warmer day (3-8-16):

Romaine lettuce, Oakleaf lettuce, Black Simpson lettuce, Arugula, Chard, Spinach and radish.  On 3-19-16 we started our tomato and green pepper seeds inside the pantry.

During March-April, we also began work on our stone circle.  This was an important crafting for us as it signified both digging roots into our land for the future, but also looking back at our ancestors and the past.  It seemed fitting that my journey into the thoughts and customs of our forefathers converged at this time in such a drastic way – Spring had arrived, the celebration of Ostara, seeds growing and being sowed and now finally moving the heavy stones that will mark our folk way for many years to come.  Homesteading has truly been a step on the long path to awakening.


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  1. nannygrannie says:

    Looking so fantastic!!!


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