Falling Leaves Hide the Path

Autumn came to the homestead without much fuss for that is a time of year that we all generally look forward to.

Something new for this season’s harvest were drying racks that I crafted for use in the greenhouse.  Here we pulled turnips, stored them in the racks and then shared some of the greens with our chickens.

We kept a few rows of radish and turnips all throughout the fall and fed them every other day (or so) to our flocks.  Only the ducks seemed to turn them down on a consistent basis.


Autumn is also the culmination of many projects that were started but never finished throughout the summer.  Suddenly we are sorely pressed for time as tools need to be cleaned and brought inside, netting needs to be put up on the bird runs and barns need to be battened down for the coming cold.  The harvest comes quickly and without much choice, we are inundated with produce that needs to be canned, frozen or stored away in the pantry.

While the work load increases, it is also a time of celebration and enchantment.  The leaves begin to turn and the bonfires begin to take upon them a different type of glow.  Huddled around the firelight, our stories change from the heroic tales of summer to offerings of thanksgiving to our ancestors and those that watch over the land.


Here are a few late Autumn pictures of our last harvest of 2016.

My To-Do list for the coming year and winter season:

  • Building a feed shed
  • Planting another 6 fruit trees in the orchard
  • Adding more berry bushes around “Bamfurlong”
  • Building a raised bed inside of the greenhouse and adding a potting bench
  • Building 6 more raised beds
  • Updating my Garden Plan
  • Building a smoke house
  • Root Cellar

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