Farewell to 2016

The last few months of 2016 brought a close to our harvest season and the coming of the dark time of year.  This is, of course, the time of year when we shutter all the sheds down and put away our tools, preparing the animals for the bitter winds.  During this time we celebrate the Winter Nights and see the last stalk of corn standing alone as the storms begin to blow in along the wind.

While the days begin to shorten, we spend more time inside of the house and our focus begins to shift on the importance of light and warmth and each other.  In the deep of winter, that is the time to cling to all three of these important aspects of life.

Huddled around a source of warmth and light, we find ways to occupy our time that are beneficial for our family and our minds.  We do not have television and while we do have internet service, we strive to enjoy our time together in ways that increase our main.  We read a lot, cook and bake and practice skills that otherwise might be lost to time if we do not dedicate ourselves to them.  Thus, the season of winter is a different kind of work but one just as important to a homestead and a healthy family as a whole.

Below are some final pictures of 2016.


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