Homesteading Equipment, Supplies, and Tools List

2 small water-pump pliers
2 medium water-pump pliers
2 large water-pump pliers
2 extra-large water-pump pliers
2 large straight-jaw Visegrip pliers
2 medium straight-jaw Visegrip pliers
2 small straight-jaw Visegrip pliers
2 large curved-jaw Visegrip pliers
2 medium curved-jaw Visegrip pliers
2 small curved-jaw Visegrip pliers
1 large lineman’s pliers
1 small lineman’s pliers
1 large utility pliers
1 small utility pliers
1 large long nose pliers
1 small long nose pliers
1 large side cutter
1 small side cutter
1 large cable cutter
1 small cable cutter
2 18″ pipe wrenches
2 14″ pipe wrenches
2 12″ pipe wrenches
2 10″ pipe wrenches
2 8″ pipe wrenches
2 12″ adjustable wrenches
2 10″ adjustable wrenches
2 8″ adjustable wrenches
2 6″ adjustable wrenches
2 4″ adjustable wrenches
1 set of 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ boxed end wrenches
1 set of 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ open end wrenches
1 set of 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ combination wrenches
1 set of metric boxed end wrenches
1 set of metric open end wrenches
1 set of metric combination wrenches
1 set of allen, Torx, & spline wrenches
1 set 1/4″ drive inch & metric sockets
1 set 3/8″ drive inch & metric sockets
1 set 1/2″ drive inch & metric sockets
1 set 3/4” drive inch & metric sockets
1 set 1” drive inch & metric sockets
1 set of socket extensions, wobblers, size adapters, breaker bars
1 set 1/2” drive inch & metric impact sockets
1 set 3/4” drive inch & metric impact sockets
1 set 1” drive inch & metric impact sockets
1 set of impact drive socket extensions, wobblers, size adapters, breaker bars
1 set nut drivers
1 set cold chisels
2 sets screwdrivers
1 set mini-screwdrivers
1 set feeler gauges
1 set pin, drift & center punches
1 set of gear pullers
1 set of slide hammers
1 set wood chisels
1 set putty knives
1 set files
1 set utility knives
1 set star drills
1 set wood bits & brace drill
1 set metal bits & hand drill
1 large ball peen hammer
1 small ball peen hammer
1 shop hammer
1 soft faced hammer w/set of faces
1 straight claw hammer
1 curved claw hammer
1 rip blade hand saw
1 cross cut blade hand saw
1 hack saw w/several blades
1 set sponges & rags
2 ripping chisels
1 large crowbar
1 small crowbar
1 large pry-bar
1 large pipe cutter
1 pipe reamer
1 set pipe threaders
1 set pipe taps
1 set bolt threaders
1 set bolt taps
1 set tub-faucet socket wrenches
1 basin wrench
1 set faucet handle pullers
1 small copper pipe cutter
1 large copper pipe cutter
1 copper pipe flaring tool
1 closet auger
2 plungers
1 15′ light sewer tape
1 50′ heavy sewer tape
1 set wire brushes
1 set soft bristle brushes
1 set of paint brushes/rollers
1 chain hoist
2 come-along winches
2 light block & tackle sets
2 heavy block & tackle sets
2 sets small clamps
2 sets large clamps
1 set small clevises
1 set large clevises
several short log chains
several long log chains
several wire cables w/spliced-in thimble eyes
several coils of rope, cord & string
several coils of soft steel, stainless steel, copper & brass wire
several coils of electrical wire
several coils of electronic hook up wire
large assortment of pipe (copper, steel, black iron, pvc, cpvc, etc)
large assortment of tubing (copper, aluminum, pvc, cpvc, plastic, etc)
large assortment of hose (rubber, plastic, butyl, etc)
large assortment of nails & staples
large assortment of screws
large assortment of bolts, nuts & washers
large assortment of electrical hardware
large assortment of electronic hardware
large assortment of sandpaper and mineral cloth
large assortment of replacement blades for all cutting instruments
large assortment of “fixer” items (gorilla tape, glues & adhesives, JB weld, Shoe goo, etc.)
large assortment sealing items (liquid gasket, caulking, Teflon tape, electrical tape, rubber tape, etc.)
large assortment of miscellaneous items (zip ties, hose clamps, staple gun staples, etc.)
1 set automotive specialty tools
1 set of glass cutters
1 set of staple guns
1 set of recovery tools (magnets, grippers, etc.)
1 set of measuring instruments
1 large soldering iron (non-electric)
1 small soldering iron (non-electric)
1 small propane torch
1 large propane torch
1 Acetylene welding & cutting outfit
1 pick
1 mattock
1 2# heavy hamper/hand sledgehammer
1 8# medium sledge hammer
1 16# heavy sledge hammer
2 double bit axes
2 single bit axes
1 garden rake
1 yard rake
1 mortar hoe
2 garden hoes
1 conventional posthole digger
1 spud bar/scoop posthole digger
1 auger posthole digger
1 tamper
1 medium steel post driver
1 heavy steel post driver
2 fence stretchers
2 fencing pliers/multi-tool
6 50′ 3/4″ heavy duty garden water hoses
4 25′ 3/4″ heavy duty garden water hoses
4 25′ 5/8″ heavy duty garden water hoses
2 entrenching tools
2 long handle, curved round point shovels, small blade
2 long handle, curved round point shovels
2 short handle, curved round point shovels
2 long handle, straight round point shovels
2 long handle, curved square point shovels
2 short handle, straight square point shovels
2 short handle, straight sharpshooter shovels
2 short handle, curved snow scoop shovels
2 short handle, curved grain scoop shovels
2 Xtend & Climb 15.5’ telescoping ladder
2 Werner M1 275 pound capacity 16’ articulating aluminum ladder
2 Little Giant 19’ Type 1AA 375 pound capacity adjustable aluminum ladder
2 Little Giant 21’ Skyscraper 300 pound capacity aluminum multipurpose ladder
2 Bauer Corp 300 pound capacity 32’ aluminum extension ladder
8 Bauer Corp 12’ 500 pound capacity aluminum scaffold planks
2 Werner 375 pound capacity 6’ fiberglass step ladder
2 Werner 375 pound capacity 12’ fiberglass step ladder

Measuring tools
plumb bob
tape measures
guideline string
chalk stick
wax stick
lumber measure

Field work tools
felling saw
sledge hammer
rock drills
block & tackle
chain hoist

Carpentry tools
heavy mallet
crosscut saw
rip saw
broadax (to square logs for cabin building) (12″ log gave 8″ timber)
hewind dog (to hold logs in position while squaring
light mallet
wood chisels
brace drill & wood boring bits
finishing saw
draw knife
carving knife
sanding stone
pipe auger & reamer to make wooden pipe
(one end shaved down to fit taper at other end)

Miscellaneous tools & equipment

Wild wood/meadow/marsh/stream/field plant, rock & mineral foraging/gathering tools & equipment
Useful-plant/rock/mineral handbooks & references
Map marked w/known sources of useful plants, rocks & minerals
plant ID guide books
tree ID guide books
rock & mineral ID guide books
rock & mineral comparison samples
pen, pad, & location maps
harvest apron (bottom folds up and ties off at several heights)
collection bag ID tags/labels
Zip-lock collection bags
cotton drawstring collection bags
string w/threading needle
safety glasses
plastic gloves
rubber gloves
leather gloves
dust filter mask
rubber boots/hip waders/chest waders
field knife
folding saw
folding shovel
pry bar/scraper
short handled digging trowel
short handled rake
harvesting knives
harvesting sickle
harvesting striking stick
tuber fork
nut harvester pole
fruit harvester pole
garden rake
leaf rake
scythe & wooden fork (to cut & handle hay)
harvesting sickle (grains – wheat & rye)
wheel barrow/garden cart
scythe hammer & anvil to straighten nicks, whetstone to sharpen blades
mortar & pestal
non-metallic transfer spoons
rock hammer
rock pick
rock chisels
2x – 10x magnifying glass
mineral test kit
2 glass eyedroppers
vial of nitric acid
vial of hydrochloric acid
set of porcelain tile streak plates
hardness tester
gathering baskets, buckets, boxes & bags

Assembly tools

Maintenance tools
oil cans
grease pots

Sharpening tools
Set of metal files
honing stone
saw sharpening tools
grinding wheel (foot powered)

Metal working tools & equipment
sheet metal brake
hole punches
riveter & rivets
welding vice grips
wire brushes

Bench and shop tools
Bench vise
Pipe vise
Small hydraulic press
Large hydraulic press

Power tools
1 set of general corded hand tools (Milwaukee)(circle saw, jig saw, sawzall, small drill, large drill, screwdriver, grinder, work lamp, etc.)
Stand Grinder/buffer
Smithy Supershop 220 woodworking multi tool w/set of accessories & tools
Smithy GN-1340-IMX metal working multi tool w/set of accessories & tools

Windmill/waterwheel jackshaft-power tool, device & appliance shed
Firewood/Lumber working tools
buzz saw
band saw
bark scraper
Wood & metal working tools
table saw
band saw
drill press
belt sander
trip hammer
Animal & plant product processing tools, devices & appliances
grain grinding mills
milk separator
butter churn
honey extractor
juice/oil presses
limb chipper/mulcher
Other tools, devices & appliances
washing machine
sewing machine

Coppersmith & tinsmith tools & equipment
Optical products tools & equipment
Mechanics tools & equipment
Wood working tools & equipment (finish work, furniture & cabinetry)

Cobbler/saddler/harness maker’s tools & equipment
Set of shoe last anvils
Shoe last anvil stand
Shoe knife
Shoe hammer
Peg awl
Sewing awl
Sewing awl needles
Harness awl
Harness needles
Shoe thread
Shoe thread, waxed
Short, medium, long shoe clinch nails
Split rivets

Cooper’s tools & equipment
hand adz
cooper’s windlass
croze (curved base plane to cut groove for barrel heads)
pod auger (to make bung & spy holes)
soaking/steaming troughs
forming/shaping racks/presses

Wheelwright’s tools & equipment
spoke shave

Gunsmithing/reloading/bowsmithing/arrowsmithing tools & equipment
complete gunsmith tool & equipment fit including barrel riflers & straightners
complete gunsmith supply & parts stocks
complete bowsmithing tools, equipment, & supplies
complete arrowsmithing tools, equipment & supplies
reloading equipment and supplies for .17 to .50BMG brass cartridges
reloading equipment & supplies for .410 bore to 10 gauge shotgun cartridges
progressive reloader setups for primary cartridges
single stage press for secondary cartridges
bullet casting equipment
in use powder magazine
quantity powder storage magazines
1,000 meter shooting range w/multiple target set ups, chronograph, and clay bird thrower

Attached open-air blacksmith area w/
Winter enclosure walls
Personal equipment
heavy gloves
face protector
leather apron
leather leggings/chaps
leather boot spats/gaiters
Horseshoeing tools
hoof pick
hoof rasps
horseshoe nail hammer
nail nippers
horseshoe nail trim file

Metal forging tools
cutting chisels
quench tank
tempering tank/bed
annealing bed/oven
surface hardening material
brazing rod
welding rod

Metal casting tools
melting furnace
melting pot
dipping ladle
casting sand bins
casting sand recovery screens
mold boxes
item molds
fill tube & air release tube molds
mold cooling & disassembly area
sprue nippers, cutters, & files
finishing files
finishing sanding/rubbing stones

Ore smelting tools & equipment
ore & scrap storage bins
treatment mineral & alloy component storage bins
coke/coal fuel storage bins
smelting furnace
smelting pot
molten metal dipper
smelting furnace & pot handling tools
pig molds
mold cooling area
pig storage area

Mineral/earth/rock products processing shed
Medicinal mineral & rock preliminary preparation tools & equipment
Lapidary work area w/tools & equipment
Flint/obsidian knapping tools & equipment
Gold & silver working tools & equipment
Petroleum products refining tools & equipment

Masonry/stone tools & equipment
rough stone storage area/bins
finished stone storage area/bins
brick & block storage area/bins
clay, straw, sand & lime storage bins
sledge hammer
wooden/fiber splitting wedges
stone cutting chisels
stone breaking pliers
stone trimming chisels
setting mallet
brick, block & stone hods
mortar mixing trough
mortar hoe
mortar scoop
mortar hod
mortar trowel
mortar presser/scraper
work area w/brick & block molds
mixing trough
dipping ladle
smoothing trowel
trimming hammer/tool
drying racks/area

Pottery & ceramics tools & equipment
clay bins
clay grinding & mixing bowls
mortar & pestal
water dipper
clay mixing paddles/spatulas
pottery wheel
pottery shaping tools
drying racks
glaze component storage containers
glaze mixing containers
glaze dipping containers
glaze painting brushes
pottery molds
work bench
wash up/clean up tubs
cooling racks
storage shelving

Glass making tools & equipment
silica sand & scrap glass bins
glass melting furnace
glass melting pot
glass dipper
glass handling tongs, paddles & cutters
glass molds
glass blowing tubes, stands & tools
glass cutters

Garden seed, equipment & supplies
non-hybrid seeds
soil turning spade
utility shovels
soil rake
planting hoe
cultivating hoe
planting dibble
short handled digging trowel
short handled cultivating rake
row marking stakes & string
tuber harvesting fork
corn husking pin
pitch fork
scythe & wooden fork (to cut & handle hay)
harvesting knives
harvesting striking stick
harvesting sickle (grains – wheat & rye)
seft & wooden mat hook (grains – wheat & rye – hold straw with mat hook)
grain cradle (scythes with light wooden racks to catch the cut straw)
(for small grains)
thrashing flails
gathering baskets, buckets, boxes & bags w/shoulder slings or belts
wheel barrow
garden wagon
garden cart
hand pump pressure sprayer
hand pump spray cans
irrigation ditch control gates
pest control devices
(scarecrows, spinners, traps, decoys)
scythe hammer & anvil to straighten nicks, whetstone to sharpen blades

Beekeeping equipment & supplies
mesh veil
beekeeper’s suit
beekeeper’s gloves
bee medications/treatments
Nosema disease remedy
Moth larvae insecticide (non-toxic)
Foulbrood treatment
hives materials
inner covers
escape boards
supers (for brooding, chunk honey, extractable honey, box comb honey)
internal board feeder
foundation frames (for brooding, chunk honey, extractable honey)
section box holders, separators, boxes & spreader (for box comb honey)
foundations (brooding, chunk honey, extractable honey, box comb honey)
pollen trap
queen/drone trap
bottom board
hive tools
spur wire embedder
steel frame wire
uncapping knife
bee brush
capping scratcher
frame grip
clean hand sprayer
1:1 sugar syrup
external feeders
honey extractors
honey storage barrels, casks, boxes, & jars

Mulch & compost tools & equipment
mulch storage bins
compost rotation/turn-over bins
compost storage bins

Orchard equipment
grafting knife
pruning sheers
pruning knife
pruning saw
step ladder
extension ladder
pick knives & tools
pick baskets & buckets
storage baskets & boxes

Primary woodshed w/gathering & storage equipment
Covered storage area w/
firewood stacking racks
fire suppression system
Outside covered & uncovered work areas
Storage cabinet & racks w/
Chain saws w/spare bars, chains, filters, etc & 2 cycle oil
felling saw
felling wedges
wedge hammer
crosscut saw
buck saw
cant hook
felling axes
limbing axes
splitting maul
splitting wedges
sledge hammer
log skidding tongs
log skidding sled
log skidding chains & boomers
log skidding cable
log stacking racks
log stacking rack brackets
cover tarps/sheeting
firewood processor

Plant & animal non-food product processing shed w/
Covered outside work area w/
Sheep shearing station
Materials storage
Candle making tools, equipment & supplies
wax mytlre berry wax separating pot
wax storage block molds
wax melting pot
candle dipping tank
candle molds

Fabric, cloth, & rope production tools & equipment
flax soaking trough
flax drying racks
flax brake
scutching block & blade
shearing shears
fur/hair/wool/cotton/flax/other fiber carding combs & paddles
small spinning wheel
large spinning wheel
weaving loom & shuttle
wick/string/twine/rope braiding stand/rack

Tanning, leather & furrier tools & equipment
skinning knife
hide stretching/working racks
hide scrapers
hide soaking/tanning tanks
leather trimming knife
leather thong making board & knife
sinew/tendon soaking trough
sinew/tendon pounding board & mallet
sinew/tendon drying rack
sewing awl
sewing needles

Other animal product tools & equipment
quill making tools & equipment
beeswax melting pots
beeswax foundations molds
intestine/bladder washing tanks
oil rendering pots
oil storage barrels, casks & cans
glue rendering pots
glue storage pots

Ink production tools & equipment

Paper production tools & equipment
paper fiber soaking tank
paper press
paper drying racks
paper cutter
paper storage boxes

Basket-making & other plant weaving product tools & equipment
reed scythe
reed splitting knife
reed soaking trough
reed weaving aids

Other plant product tools & equipment
plant oil press
oil storage barrels, casks & cans
rubber rendering, molding & curing tools & equipment

Ice house w/
Concrete block/insulation/earth/block quad wall construction
Concrete slab /insulation/earth/slab quad ceiling construction
Wood slat/drained concrete slab/earth/insulation quad floor construction
Dual door air lock entry w/
each door w/hanging strip air barriers
racks w/cold suits, gloves & over boots
Interior storage area w/ice block racks & shelves
Interior ice handling/work area w/
ice tongs
ice picks
ice buckets & pans
ice block moving hand-trucks/dollies for internal use
ice block moving insulated dolly for external use
Exterior concrete slab w/
freeze proof water source faucet
ice block freezing molds
ice block mold holding racks
un-molding bench
storage locker w/
ice tongs
insulated rubber gloves
ice picks
rubber un-molding mallets
ice block moving hand-trucks/dolly
Food freezing/food storage/ice making shed w/same construction as ice house
ceiling & wall brine system chiller tubing
ceiling & wall conventional freezing coils
hanging meat hook racks
storage shelves & racks
ice block making area w/
freeze proof water source faucet
ice block freezing molds
ice block mold holding racks
un-molding bench
storage locker w/
ice tongs
insulated rubber gloves
ice picks
rubber un-molding mallets
ice block moving hand-trucks/dolly
exterior shed w/
brine system pump & storage tank
brine system cooling tower
conventional refrigeration pump & condenser

Curing/smoking/drying shed w/
Meat curing/smoking rooms w/hooks, racks & shelves
Work area w/meat curing/smoking equipment & supplies
Work area w/meat, fruit & vegetable drying equipment & supplies
Solar heated air drying boxes w/racks
Solar heated air dehydrators w/racks
External area w/sun drying racks

Butchering shed w/butchering & cleaning tools & equipment
rubber boots
rubber gloves
rubber apron
breathing masks
hoisting A-frame
animal hoist w/leg spreader bar & tendon hooks
stunning/concussing hammer
throat knife
scaling knife
skinning knives
skinning pliers
skinning pincers
gutting knives
boning knives
filleting knives
splitting axe
splitting chisel & hammer
bone saw
sharpening files, stones, & steels
compressed air connection & alternate foot pump
cutting block/board & stand
rinsing tubs, buckets & pans
blooding/gutting collection tubs
meat, fat, & organ collection tubs, pails & pans
hide collection tubs
waste collection tubs

Attached wild animal harvesting/pest control supplies shed/covered area
pest decoys, lures, traps, repellers & accessories
small game & fur bearer decoys, lures, traps, repellers & accessories
bird & water fowl decoys, lures, traps, repellers & accessories
rough fish harvesting trotlines, lures, traps & nets & accessories
fowl plucking rack w/swivel hanging hooks
mechanical fowl plucker
fish scaling/skinning board w/holding clamp
mechanical fish scaler
small game skinning rack/frame
pelt stretchers

Outside rough/bulk food processing area w/
Open & covered work & storage areas
Cleaning, hulling, shelling, & winnowing tools, equipment & supplies
Temporary holding bins & containers
Waste holding bins, containers & drains
Transfer baskets, buckets & tubs

Food processing shed w/
Honey processing tools & equipment
Milk processing tools & equipment
Meat processing tools & equipment
Fruit, berry & vegetable processing tools & equipment
Herb, spice & medicine processing tools & equipment
Cheese making tools & equipment
Grain processing tools & equipment
Canning & freezing tools & equipment
Pickling, salting, fermenting, & brining tools & equipment
Beer/wine/alcohol making equipment

Food Tools & equipment (partial listing)
honey separator
milk/cream separator
milk pasteurizer
butter churn
fermenting tanks, crocks & bottles
mesh/net drying bags
pickling crocks & barrels
salting crocks & barrels
brining crocks & barrels
oil/juice press
butter press
cheese press
All American Pressure Canner Model 941 41.5 qt
Set of canning tools
Canning accessories
Ball regular lids In cases of 60 boxes of 12 each
Ball wide mouth lids In cases of 36 boxes of 12 each
Ball regular rings w/lids In cases of 24 boxes of 12 each
Ball wide mouth rings w/lids In cases of 12 boxes of 12 each
Tattler regular reusable lids w/rubber rings In boxes of 36
Tattler regular reusable rubber rings In boxes of 12
Tattler wide mouth reusable lids w/rubber rings In boxes of 36
Tattler wide mouth reusable rubber rings In boxes of 12
4 Ever Recap regular reusable lids w/silicone rings in boxes of 500
4 Ever Recap wide mouth reusable lids with silicone rings in boxes of 500
Ball one half pint regular jars In cases of 12
Kerr one half pint widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball one pint regular jars In cases of 12
Ball one pint widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball one quart regular jars In cases of 12
Ball one quart widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball one half gallon widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball 4 ounce quilted jelly jars In cases of 12
Ball 8 ounce quilted jelly jars In cases of 12
Ball 12 ounce quilted jelly jars In cases of 12
24″ impulse mylar bag sealer
6″ Optimum Hot Jaw 6″ x 0.5″ heat sealer
6″ x 9/16″ hot jaw foot operated heat sealer
6-gallon 5 mil mylar bags 20×30
6-gallon 5 mil mylar bags 26×36
6-gallon bucket w/lid
6-gallon bucket w/o lid
Gamma seal bucket lid
500cc oxy absorber
100cc oxy absorber
300cc oxy absorber
2000cc oxy absorber
Set of pots and pans
Meat slicer
Meat grinder
Meat mixer attachment for grinder
Jerky meat slicer attachment for grinder
Ground meat pattie maker attachment for grinder
Meat smoker
350 pound wood/charcol smoker
Pro Smoker 200# electric smoker
smoker accessories
Sausage stuffer w/motor
Ground meat jerky gun
Cabela’s CG-15 15″ bag sealer
ARY vacuum chamber sealer VP321C 2×17″ seal bars
ARY vacuum chamber sealer VP215C 1×10″ seal bar
4-mill small vacuum chamber bags (in 1,000 ct)
4-mill medium vacuum chamber bags (in 1,000ct_
4-mill large vacuum chamber bags (in 1,000 ct)
20’x8″ bulk bag material
20’x11.5″ bulk bag material
20’x15″ bulk bag material
Cabela’s 56 square foot commercial dehydrator
Excaliber 50 square foot commercial dehydrator
Excaliber 148 square foot commercial dehydrator
dehydrator accessories

All American Senior Elec #9000 can sealer for #10, #12, & #3 cans
All American #9000 conversion parts for #2 1/2 cans
All American #9000 replacement parts
#7502 All Ameircan Canner Senior flywheel can sealer for #10, #12, & #3
All American Canner Conversion parts for 2 1/2 cans for 7502 can sealer
All American Canner 7502 replacement parts
Empty #10 cans w/lids (case of 48)
Empty #10 cans w/lids In cases of 476 #P045 #10 can 603×700
Empty #10 cans w/lids In cases of 45 #3106 #10 can 603×700
#10 can plastic lid In cases of 600
#2 1/2 can plastic lid In cases of 1776
#2 can plastic lid In cases of 1500
#2 1/2 safe rim pull top lid In cases of 300
Empty #12 cans In cases of
Empty #3 cans In cases of 120 #3133 #3 can 404×414
Empty # 2 1/2 cans In cases of 144 #3129 #2 1/2 can 401×411
Empty #2 cans In cases of 196 #3118 #2 can 307×409
Commercial can opener

milk processing equipment butter churn, cream separator, butter press, pasturizer, yogurt maker, cheese vat, cheese press
pickling, fermenting, salting, brining tools & equipment
mushroom growing greenhouse
Wine making equipment
Beer making equipment
Mead making equipment
Liquor making equipment
Soda making equipment
Vinegar making equipment
whiskey still & equipment
essential oils still & equipment
distilled water making still & equipment
honey & wax processing equipment
Outside butchering/game preperation/non-food preperation patio
Stainless steel cabinets
Stainless steel counter
Hanging racks
Stainless steel pans, buckets, and tubs
Caldron burner/stand
Rendering caldron
Soap making caldron
soap making equipment
meat grinder/sausage stuffer
dry grain stone mill
oily grain/bean steel burr mill
coffee/pepper/spice mill
fat/lard rendering tubs
Record/data books w/pen
ID tags/labels
set of cooking pots & kettles (stainless steel, copper & glass)
mixing bowls (stainless steel, copper & glass)
measuring spoons & cups (stainless steel, copper & glass)
mixing spoons & spatulas (stainless steel, copper, wood, & plastic)
transferring spoons, dippers & spatulas (SS, copper, wood, & plastic)
cutting board
holding bowls (stainless steel, copper, wood & glass)
plastic gloves
dust masks
mesh screen/sifter
non-metallic sifting collection plate
non-ferrous needle (large darning needle)
non-ferrous tweezers
small dusting brush
mortar & pestal
plastic transfer scoops & spoons
ID tags/labels & pen
glass canning jars w/lids
glass storage bottles/jars (clear & opaque brown)
glass jar lids (clear & opaque brown) w/rubber gaskets
plastic jar lids
wax lid liners (for long term storage)(may substitute plastic wrap)
glass, cork & rubber bottle stoppers
Zip-lock bags
string w/threading needle
ceramic bowls w/lids
ceramic storage crocks w/lids
wooden bowls/boxes w/lids
wooden & stainless steel kegs, casks & barrels
wooden & stainless steel keg, cask & barrel taps
mesh/net storage bags
fabric drawstring storage bags
storage chests, baskets & buckets

Bread dough blender
Bread maker
Bread slicer
Slow cooker
Vitamix Pro 200 blender
Vitamix Pro 750 blender
Food processor
Kenwood KMM023 Titanium Major mixer/multi appliance
Kenwood KMC30 Titanium Chef mixer/multi appliance
Pasta maker
Yogurt maker
Fondue pot
Counter ice cream maker

Commercial can opener

Attached partially enclosed shed w/
Drinking alcohol still
Sugar & syrup production cooking troughs/pots
Attached partially enclosed drying shed w/
Sugar drying pans
Seawater/salt water drying pans (salt production)


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